Introducing, Angela Meeks:

National Education coordinator for RNK Distributing, (exclusive distributors of Embellish Products) is from Crestview, FL. Angela is not your typical mother of three, in their early 40's. Better known as Angel, (after attending her class you will know why!) states her three gorgeous children are the best part of her life, but she is expecting her first grandchild in September, so that may change slightly!!! in her limited “free” time, Angel loves to embroider and even more to teach embroidery! In 1999 Angel established her own Commercial Embroidery Business called Heavenly Stitches and even though her business started in her living room to allow Angel to be a stay at home mom when her first child was only 3, like her family, Heavenly Stitches has grown tremendously and now is a thriving retail location that not only offers Commercial Embroidery, but Screen Printing, sign making, and Heat Transfers, she even creates designs for Digital Cutters using Alex Andersons Craft N Cut Software. During this time of growing her embroidery business and raising her family, Angel has experienced almost all aspects of embroidery and is now traveling the US coast to coast sharing her vast knowledge of do’s, and don’ts. In this class you will learn all the secrets, tips and tricks to creating perfect embroidery and crafting. You will love the relaxed atmosphere of Angel’s class and her down to earth teaching method.

Join Angela Meeks of Embellish Products, Inspired by Hope Yoder, for a very informative class on various stabilizers, hooping and embroidery techniques, and the latest software technology. We will explore easier methods for embroidery and embellishments on all types of fabrics as well as learn shortcuts. Angela will help you understand and solve some of those nagging problems with your projects and give your ideas on how to use stabilizers in your quilting and appliqué projects! No more ruined garments, puckered embroideries, or off-center designs to name a few. She will remove the mystery and show you the way to perfect results.