Diane Roney

Hi! I am Diane Roney and I live in Atlanta, GA, but I was born and raised in Boston, MA. I currently have a professional career in law, but I have been passionate about crafting my entire life. I’m a self-taught quilter, embroider and sewer and I have been crafting for over twenty years.

My love for quilting and embroidery has taken me on a path for sewing. I remember watching my aunt travel to Paris and study fashion design and create beautiful works of style. It wasn’t until my later years that my passion for sewing and the love of fabric took me to a whole different level that I never expected. That’s when embroidery came to me and I began quilting using African fabrics as my specialty. Years later, while attending a local dealer event, I was introduced to the Embellish product line from RNK Distributing. I am honored and excited to be a part of the RNK National Education Team.

I look forward to meeting new people and bringing my love and passion to this craft as I travel to events at a store near you.

As I always say, make everyday a fabulous one!