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Embellish Sticky Printable Template

Printable Adhesive-Backed Design Placement Paper

Embellish® Sticky Printable Template is a non-woven, design placement, printable paper used to print embroidery software design templates at the actual size. The 8.5” x 11” sheets are reusable and repositionable and must be printed ONE SHEET AT A TIME on an ink-jet printer, laser printer or a copy machine. Embellish® Sticky Printable Template is lightweight, so you can see the fabric underneath. This product was designed to print and audition the embroidery placement before stitching. It’s perfect for use on wearables, collars, cuffs, corners, quilt blocks or anywhere design placement and accuracy is critical. It’s the ideal hooping guide for intricate patterns, border or continuous designs, and the best companion when used along with your machines centering and alignment features. This product is not made to be sewn, embroidered, washed, or ironed.


8.5”x11” Lightweight, non-woven, reusable, repositionable printer paper OR 12x5 roll.

Stitch Count:

N/A. Not suitable to be sewn, embroidered, washed, or ironed.

To Use:

  1. Remove any copy paper in your printer tray. Manually feed ONE SHEET AT A TIME. Do not stack multiple sheets in the printer feed tray.
  2. From your embroidery software program, print the design on the fibrous side of the Embellish® Sticky Printable Template. Trim the paper as desired and mark TOP to indicate the top of the design and hoop.
  3. Peel off the paper backing (reserve for storage) and audition the design on the fabric or garment.
  4. Use the appropriate stabilizer and machine’s centering and alignment features to hoop and align the design in the desired location.

    Tip – Try using a sticky stabilizer such as Embellish® Sticky Tearaway or Embellish® Sticky Rinse-Away Mesh for easy hooping and manipulation. Remember to machine-baste the fabric to the stabilizer, after removing the template, if using a sticky stabilizer.

  5. REMOVE THE TEMPLATE before embroidering. Store the template on the shiny side of the paper backing for reuse.

To Remove:

The template MUST BE removed before embroidery.


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Customer Reviews

Review by  Jillian Rae
(posted on 02/26,2020 00:42:32)
So as a beginner in the Embroidery world my first thought was terrified to try this product!! Oh my goodness though!! This product simplified my embroidery project SO much!! It was so easy to use and made something that seemed so intimidating SO easy! I would highly recommend the Embellish Sticky Printable Template!! Made my embroidery project 100x’s easier!!!
Review by  Tracy W
(posted on 09/28,2019 20:44:14)
This printable paper makes it easy to print your deign, place it on your item to be embroidered, then take it straight to your machine without the design moving. Much easier than using painters tape! You can actually see exactly the design will be ending up!!
Review by  Carolina m.
(posted on 09/28,2019 16:15:50)
This is a life saver for placement! And placement is all!!! Love it.
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(posted on )
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