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Embellish Stabilizer Workbook

Embellish Stabilizer Workbook

Whether you need to know which stabilizer to use with which fabrics or how to make your high stitch-count design work with your latest project, the Embellish Stabilizer Workbook (EMB-WORKBOOK) is the perfect resource for you!

This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to get an in-depth understanding of the Embellish® stabilizer line. In addition to the recommendation guide walking you through the process of choosing the right stabilizer for each project and a quick reference guide comparing all the different uses of the Embellish® stabilizers, this amazing workbook also includes instructions on how to use each type of stabilizer. Find them on sale at any Embellish event, with each stabilizer type including a work page to make your own notes from Embellish educators!


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Customer Reviews

Review by  Anne Cooper
(posted on 02/19,2024 16:30:15)
BEST PURCHASE EVER...Especially if YOU keep notes as you follow their directions
Review by  Bj
(posted on 02/27,2020 16:38:20)
I have been waiting and hoping for something like this!! So happy... it has everything in it!!
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(posted on )
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