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Embellish Flawless Thread

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Embellish Flawless Thread - the 60wt line of polyester thread from RNK!

This high-sheen polyester thread (1000m a spool) is perfect for fine embroidery that requires precise stitching!  Whether you are taking on small lettering and detailed motifs, or using delicate fabrics, this is the perfect thread for flawless creations!

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There are three 12 spool sets available and a 24 spool set.

EFT-12-A: 12-1000M
12 color collection - Set 1
EFT-12-B: 12 - 1000M
12 color collection - Set 2
EFT-12-C: 12 - 1000M
12 color collection - Set 3
EF-24-PAS: 24 - 1000M
24 color collection


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Customer Reviews

Review by  Embroidery Flo
(posted on 08/13,2023 18:40:35)
If you want to be able to read the small lettering in designs, it is a must.
Review by  Kat
(posted on 08/22,2019 16:17:43)
I picked up a set at an event. The colors are gorgeous. It was perfect for small lettering that I did on a project. I had no issues using it with the 40 wt threads I used for the rest of the project.
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(posted on )
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