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Embellish Matte Threads

Embellish Matte Threads bring new life to all your designs!

From RNK and inspired by Hope Yoder, comes a new line of 1000 meter spool thread, Polyester with a Matte Finish!  The raw yarn of our matte thread is made with a ceramic ingredient, giving this 40 wt thread beautifully contrasting effects when compared to normal polyester, while keeping the same high tensile strength.  This allows you to bring new life to old poly designs, without having to change your digitizing settings!

Try all 130 colors of the Embellish Matte Thread line, including Embellish Blue (below)!

Here’s the spool sets of Matte Thread currently available!

Embellish Matte Thread E30TS
Item Code: E30TS  
Click for larger view.
Embellish Matte Thread E30TS2
Item Code: E30TS2  
Click for larger view.

This Encore 15 spool set from RNK’s 15th Anniversary has Matte colors not found in the regular line! While Supplies Last!


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Customer Reviews

Review by  DEE
(posted on 09/04,2020 16:05:27)
I love this thread for when I do not want the bright shiny look, the color is great.
Review by  Deb
(posted on 09/28,2019 20:10:14)
These threads are so beautiful, used at Hopes event at Rocky Mountain Sewing
Review by  Tracy W
(posted on 09/28,2019 20:07:49)
Love the way these matte threads make my projects look. They are beautiful when you use them with metallic threads and/or rhinestones too. You gotta try these!
Review by  Payton
(posted on 09/28,2019 16:04:55)
So excited with this new product. The matte finish is just gorgeous and gets rid of that shine so your projects look more finished and professional. Creates that antique home-spun look!
Review by  Betty
(posted on 09/28,2019 16:04:24)
All I can say is WOW!! The matte thread just pops! The tones are rich and look amazing on my embroidery
Review by  Carolina m.
(posted on 09/28,2019 16:00:04)
This is the most elegant polyester thread I have ever seen. Embroiders so beautifully! Love them. @RMSV sells them in CO.
Review by  Jill
(posted on 09/09,2019 21:04:42)
Recently, I attended an Embellish event and was able to try out Hope’s amazing Matte thread! I love it! I only had pink and lavender to start with but quickly realized I wanted , no really needed more colors! Finally got one of the collections and this tread is wonderful! Try some soon, you will be glad you did. Try some of Hope’s other products too in the Embellish line, they are wonderful!
Review by  Kat
(posted on 04/04,2019 21:27:15)
I got the 30 color box. Gorgeous colors, I used 7 or 8 on the project. It turned out fantastic. No breaks or any issues of any kind while embroidering. I can't wait to try some of the others.
Review by  Jul
(posted on 12/03,2018 14:17:29)
Love this matte thread I want to go to Baltimore at the Shell
Review by  Karen Haas
(posted on 10/24,2018 01:21:53)
I am hoping they sell the next 100 spools in a box set! I love the Matte thread!
Review by  Karen Haas
(posted on 10/12,2018 17:39:29)
I love the matte thread!
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