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Embellish Rinse Away Mesh

Dense Water-Soluble Stabilizer

Embellish® Rinse-Away Mesh is a dense, fibrous, water-soluble stabilizer and is used for free-standing lace designs or with any design that requires a stabilizer to rinse away clean. It is perfect for making decorative pins or 3-D embroidery. Unlike other water-soluble stabilizers that are clear, the mesh properties of this stabilizer are not prone to stretching from embroidering dense designs with heavy needle penetration. It works great when trimmed into strips for rolled-edge serger hemlines, and save your “left over” pieces for use as a topping or base for mending! Also available in a sticky version for hard to hoop delicates. Note - Not all embroidered lace is considered “Free Standing.” If your desire is to have the piece stand on its own, please make sure that the packaging states that the design is for “Free Standing Lace”. If you have any doubt it’s free-standing, include one layer of nylon organza in the embroidery frame with the Embellish® Rinse-Away Mesh.

Embellish Rinseaway Mesh


Proprietorial high-density per square inch, fibrous, woven, water-soluble fibers.

Stitch Count:

Holds up to 12,000 embroidery stitches in a 4”x4” hoop.

To Use:

  1. Cut a piece at least one inch larger than the outer perimeter of the embroidery design to ensure proper stabilization.
  2. Hoop one layer of Embellish® Rinse-Away Mesh, making sure the stabilizer is taut.
  3. If the design has more than 12,000 stitches in a 4” x 4” area or if you are not familiar with the quality of the digitizing, hoop two layers.
  4. It is recommended to slow the speed of your machine to “600” stitches per minute.

To Remove:

  1. Remove the material from the hoop.
  2. Trim away as much of the stabilizer as possible (save those pieces!).
  3. Rinse the embroidery in room temperature, running water until all the stabilizer is dissolved.

Laundering and Care:

Launder and dry the item according to the fabric material fiber content.


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Customer Reviews

Review by  DAK
(posted on 12/14,2021 15:48:09)
I had only used this product and no other and did not realize the quality. I bought a no name brand from Amazon, it literally took 5 layers of the bargain brand to even come close to 1 layer of Embellish - quality is everything.
Review by  Tracy W
(posted on 09/28,2019 20:27:33)
So neat to be able to rinse away this mesh stabilizer when you're done! Perfect for freestanding lace that's so stitch intensive. This one can handle the dense designs!!
Review by  Payton
(posted on 09/28,2019 16:17:12)
Fabulous... made free standing ric-rac and it washed away with ease and cleanly.... no residue!
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(posted on )
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