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Embellish Sticky Rinse Away Mesh

Dense Water-Soluble Stabilizer with Adhesive

Embellish® Sticky Rinse-Away Mesh is a dense fibrous, water-soluble stabilizer with a light, sticky dissolvable coating and is used for items that are distinguished as “hard to hoop” or fabrics that could be harmed/ marked by the hooping process such as: baby onesies, necklines, collars, and cuffs. Embellish® Sticky Rinse- Away Mesh washes away clean with no messy residue and is excellent for supporting embroidery on delicate and sheer fabrics such as: batiste, chiffon, netting, organdy, organza, tulle, voile and sheer scarfs. The added adhesive prevents the fabric from shifting while embroidering, resulting in perfect outline stitches. Unlike other water-soluble stabilizers that are clear, the mesh properties of this stabilizer are not prone to stretching from embroidering dense designs with heavy needle penetration. Also available in a non-sticky version, Embellish® Rinse-Away Mesh.


Proprietorial high-density per square inch, fibrous, woven, water-soluble fibers. Contains a pressuresensitive, needle-friendly, water-dissolvable coating.

Stitch Count:

Holds up to 12,000 embroidery stitches in a 4”x 4” hoop.

To Use:

  1. Hoop one piece of Embellish® Sticky Rinse-Away Mesh with the release paper (shiny side) facing up.
  2. Draw an “X” on the surface with the Embellish® Vinyl Weeding Tool, taking care not to puncture the stabilizer. This will perforate the release paper so it can easily be torn away, exposing the sticky surface.
  3. Finger-press the wrong side of the item to the sticky surface and smooth out the wrinkles.
  4. If the design has more than 12,000 stitches in a 4” x 4” hoop, “float” a piece of Embellish® Rinse-Away Mesh under the hoop for added support. *Note - If sticking down a garment such as a baby onesie or T-Shirt, prep the piece with the proper/recommended Embellish® stabilizer before sticking it down.
  5. It is recommended to slow the speed of your machine to “600” stitches per minute.
  6. Add an embroidery topper on top of the hooped item (either Embellish® Rinse-Away Clear Topper or Embellish® Iron-Away Clear Topper).
  7. Embroider the design. If your machine has an auto-baste function, it is recommended to baste the design and topper before embroidering.

To Remove:

  1. Remove the material from the hoop.
  2. Pull back and trim away as much of the stabilizer as possible.
  3. Soak the material in room temperature, soft water and change the water often until all the stabilizer and adhesive dissolves. Once the stabilizer and adhesive are dissolved, do a final rinse under room temperature, running water.
Important - It is necessary to use “soft” water to get optimal rinse results. If your water is hard or has high mineral deposits, it may be necessary to add a water softener to the bath while soaking your garment.

Laundering and Care:

Launder and dry the item according to the fabric material fiber content.


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Review by  Tracy W
(posted on 09/28,2019 20:29:12)
For those designs that need the mesh, need to rinse it away, AND they're hard to hoop items.... This product is unbeatable!!
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