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Embellish Software

It is with great sadness that we must announce the departure of DJ Anderson as RNK's Software Manager. For eleven years, DJ has helped to develop and perfect Floriani, Embellish, and Craft N Cut Software Programs. His creativity and support will be missed.

I am thrilled to announce DJ's replacement will be "THE" Trevor Conquergood! Those who have had the opportunity to have Trevor teach them, will already know how lucky we are to have someone with his history, and software knowledge to take over DJ's responsibilities of developing and improving our software programs. If you have taken advantage of Trevor's Educational Training Videos and Workshops, I know you will be delighted to know he is also in charge of making your software better!

Trevor Conquergood

All Owners of RNK Software will be receiving an introduction e-mail and video from Trevor very soon outlining the new exciting updates and their benefits.

Please help me welcome Trevor to his new adventure, and lets have a GREAT RNK SOFTWARE FALL!

Thank you and best regards,
Ricky Brooks
RNK Distributing

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