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Embellish Maker

Watch Hope herself introduce the
Embellish™ Maker:

Embellish™ Maker - The 1st embroidery design software from RNK inspired by Hope Yoder! Create! Edit! Personalize! And then Embellish™!

Exclusive Features!
Automatic Tools that make it easy to bring unique visual textures to your embroidery!

• Auto Chenille Tool
• Auto Puff Foam Tool
• Auto Embossing Tool

Auto Chenille Tool Example

Auto Emboss Tool Example

Auto Puff Foam Tool Example

Standard Embroidery Features

  • Automated Features
  • Convert images to Artwork or embroidery designs

Lettering and Fonts

  • Includes 60+ high quality embroidery fonts
  • True Type Fonts can be loaded as Artwork and converted to embroidery

Open and Save Designs

  • Work with Artwork formats like .SVG and .FCM
  • Open and Save embroidery designs as formats for mainstream embroidery machines

Design Creation and Editing

  • Manual vector artwork creation tools
  • Convert and edit Vector Artwork and embroidery stitches
  • Resize and rearrange colors of embroidery designs

Design Layout and Arrangement

  • Fit designs to a hoop size
  • Auto-baste around designs
  • Repeat design patterns

And Much Much More!

Recommended System Requirements:

  • Genuine Intel Penti um IV, 2Ghz PC computer (or higher) with a CD-ROM drive
  • 17” or 21” monitor with 1024x768 video resoluti on with 16-bit color display (or higher)
  • 1 gigabyte of RAM
  • Microsoft® Windows® 8 and up operating system
  • 64 bit operating system
  • Minimum 1 gigabyte hard disk drive space available
  • Mouse

Formats Supported Include:

  • Floriani Files (WAF), Baby Lock/ Brother/Bernia (PES), Elna/ Janome/Kenmore (SEW), Elna (EMD), Janome/Elna (JEF), Viking/ Husqvarna (HUS), Pfaff (PCS), Tajima (DST), Singer/Poem (CSD), Singer (XXX), Melco (EXP), Viking D1 (SHV), Viking/Pfaff (VIP), Viking/Pfaff (VP#)
  • Image fi les supported: JPG, BMP, TIF, GIF, PCX, PCT, TGA, PNG
  • Vector ArtworK Supported: WMF, EMF, AI, SVG, FCM


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Customer Reviews

Review by  Sharon
(posted on 04/08,2021 00:35:51)
I love this program! It is so user-friendly. Also, it makes adding embellishments to current designs a breeze, while also allowing you to create new designs. It is wonderful!
Review by  Birdie Cade
(posted on 03/10,2020 02:14:57)
Attended the recent Embellish Outside the Lines 3-day event at Rocky Mtn Sewing & Vacuum. On Saturday morning Kim Towne allowd us to install a beta version of Embellish Maker onto our laptops. We were provided a super handout that Hope Yoder & Kim had developed to give users an introduction to the software. Kim walked us through a series of exercises & was very patient with everyone. I learned so much in just a few hours! Ready for more & it is so helpful to have someone show you what you can do with just a few clicks. Having a handout with step-by-step information gives me the confidence I need to be more creative! Thanks, Hope & Kim!!
Review by  Tracy W
(posted on 09/28,2019 20:13:20)
This software should make all other software blush.... it's that good! One click wonder commands that will make you wonder this software has been all your life!! Thank you Hope for saving me many, many future headaches. Love it!!!!!
Review by  Payton
(posted on 09/28,2019 15:55:00)
Best software I’ve seen... clean and simple but does brilliant things!
Review by  Carolina m.
(posted on 09/28,2019 15:52:44)
OMG. I am in love!!!! Thanks you @RMSV for introducing me to this software and thanks @RNK-embellish for making it so easy for us. Amazing!
Review by  Jordan
(posted on 08/30,2019 14:51:55)
This software really is amazing. For those of you who want to do amazing digitizing with just a click of a button, this software is for you!
Review by  Michele
(posted on 04/12,2018 13:27:48)
Embellish Maker Software is very user friendly and has everything you need in one software!! The digitizer in this software is simple to use use and produces an amazing finish product! Tutorials are great and very informative! Highly recommend Embellish Maker Software!!!
Review by  Leah
(posted on 04/04,2018 14:20:01)
The BEST Software ever!!!!!!
Review by 
(posted on )
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